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PiA Trainings

The knowledge of how to use the products of a company has a direct impact on how successful the business becomes. Therefore, training customers on how to use the products is so vital.

If you intend to train your SI's on how to deal with DNext products, we provide effective training on DNext platforms. Moreover, customized training is created for different requirements of companies considering different conditions and configurations.


DNext v1.0

Selected Given Courses

  • Line Transfer

  • Packet Change

  • Pausing the Contract

  • Partnership

  • Partnership & Product Order

  • Shop Agent Application

  • Back Office

  • Call Center

  • Software Quality Tests

Third-Party Component Courses

  • Apache Kafka

  • Camunda

  • FE Angular

  • Fe Web

  • Git

  • Mongo

DNext v2.0

Future Courses


  • DNext Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Database

  • Sales Omni UI

  • Customer Management UI

  • Document Management UI

  • Product Catalog Management UI

  • Product Order Management UI

  • Service/Resource Catalog Management UIs

  • Trouble Ticket Management UI

  • Back Office Management UI



  • DNext Infrastructure

  • Open API Interfaces

  • Web Client Customization

  • Back Office Management Service

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