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DNext Platform

DNext simplifies Customer, Account, Product, Sales, and Order Management operations by its Cloud-Based modular structure.

Marketing & Sales Management

Analytics and Cloud Service

  • Advanced  Analytics

  • Integration & Open APIs

  • Cloud Native

  • Partners and 3rd Parties Ecosystem

  • Integrations

Operation Management

  • Order Management

  • Case Management

  • Document Management

  • Resource Inventory Management

  • Customer Management

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Campaign Management

  • Loyalty Management

Business Services

  • Catalog Management

       - Product Catalog

       - Service Catalog

  • Partner Management

Discover the Power of DNext Platform: Your Path to Enhanced Efficiency


Experience the future of business operations with the DNext Platform, a dynamic solution fueled by innovation. Our platform boasts an array of modular components meticulously crafted around TMForum microservices. These components serve as the bedrock of efficiency, revolutionizing the way you manage operations across diverse domains.


Simplified Excellence Across Operations:

DNext redefines operational simplicity. With its Cloud-Based modular structure, it's your answer to streamlining Customer, Account, Product, Sales, and Order Management operations. Embrace a new era of operational clarity as DNext's architecture harmonizes each aspect, ensuring seamless workflows and elevated outcomes.


Unleash Your Potential with Comprehensive Services:

Explore a comprehensive suite of services within the DNext Platform. From Business Services that fuel growth to Marketing and Sales Management that amplifies your outreach, our platform empowers you with tools that drive your business to new heights. Harness the prowess of analytics to gain deep insights and make informed decisions.


Adapt and Thrive with Cloud Services:

In today's fast-paced world, adaptability is key. DNext understands this need and offers cloud services that foster agility and scalability. Whether you're navigating changing landscapes or preparing for the future, our platform equips you with the cloud advantage to excel.


Experience the transformative capabilities of the DNext Platform, where modular components intersect with TMForum microservices to simplify operations and empower growth. Elevate your business with seamless Customer, Account, Product, Sales, and Order Management, backed by a cloud-based architecture that ensures adaptability and resilience. Embrace business services, supercharge your marketing and sales efforts, harness insights through analytics, and leverage cloud services for operational excellence. Discover DNext today and unlock a new era of efficiency.

At DNext, we bring you a plethora of powerful modules such as Customer Management and Product Catalog processes. Seamlessly integrating into our platform, these modules are crafted to optimize efficiency and enhance user experiences, ensuring your business stays ahead in the game.


Our customer-centric modules redefine how you interact with and manage your customers. From comprehensive profiles to interaction tracking, every aspect is covered.

Discover a new dimension of control with our Product Catalog modules. Effortlessly manage your offerings with modules like Product Creation, Variant Management, and Pricing Strategies. 

Dnext Catalog Management.png
Dnext Price Offering Characteristics.png
Dnext Price Offering 2.png
Dnext Product Specs.png
Dnext Customer 360.png

DNext's Order Management service offers a seamless and standardized solution for placing product orders. This API-powered system streamlines the order process, allowing customers to make requests for purchasing, selling, or modifying products within defined parameters. The service revolves around product offers featured in a catalog, detailing product specifics like pricing, options, and market relevance. 

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