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PiA is a TM-Forum member with Certified Professionals, since April 2021.


As a member of TM-Forum, we can benefit from the collective experience and interests of the TM-Forum community including market-leading communications services providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises.


In addition, TM-Forum provides an international standardization. So that adaptation of modules to different environments takes less time with minimized problems. It supports modular structures, and it is easy to integrate into varied environments.

TM-Forum covers five main components: Business Process Framework (eTOM), Application Framework (TAM), Information Framework (SID), TM-Forum Open APIs Framework (Open API), and TM-Forum (ODA) Open Digital Architecture.


  • TM-Forum Business Process Framework (eTOM) is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multi-layered view of the key business processes of the Communication Service Provider (CSP) required to run an efficient, effective, and agile digital enterprise. All of the Open Digital Framework, including the Business Process Framework, is created and evolved by industry leaders and practitioners in TM-Forums member-driven collaboration community.


  • The TM-Forum Application Framework (TAM) provides is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, common reference map to navigate the complex ecosystem of Enterprise Architecture in the Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Application Framework provides a frame of reference for telecom applications functionalities.


  • The Information Framework (SID) is one of the key components of the TM-Forum Frameworx. TM-Forum Frameworx enables CSPs to analyze their business operations against industry processes (eTOM), applications (TAM), and information standards (SID).


  • TM-Forum Open APIs Framework (Open API) is a comprehensive, collaboratively developed suite of standardized 50+ REST-based Open APIs enabling rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration among operations and management systems, making it easier to create, build and operate complex innovative services. Thus, Open API is a global initiative to enable end-to-end seamless connectivity, interoperability, and portability across complex ecosystem-based services.


  • TM-Forum (ODA) Open Digital Architecture constitutes an industry-agreed blueprint and common terminology providing pragmatic transformation paths from monolithic, legacy software solutions, towards scalable, cloud-based platforms that can be orchestrated with artificial intelligence-driven analytics.

You can learn more on TM-Forum here

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